Hebron Investment


Web Site
 Hebron Governorate www.hebron.plo.ps 
Hebron Municipality www.hebron-city.ps
University Graduates Union (UGU) http://www.ugu.org
Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) www.met.gov.ps
Ministry of Environemnt  www.mena.gov.ps
Ministry of Labor  www.mol.pna.ps
Palestinian Legeslitive Council (PLC)  www.pal-plc.org
Ministry of Finance, Customs  www.asycuda.ps
Palestinian Business Forum  www.pba.ps
Ministry of Finance, Property Department  www.pmof.ps
Palestinian Standards Institute (PSI)  www.psi.gov.ps
Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MoPWH) www.mpwh.pna.ps
Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE)  www.mohe.gov.ps
Palestinian Central Bereu of Statistics  www.pcbs.gov.ps
Palestine News Agency  www.wafa.ps
Palestinian Engineers Society  www.paleng.org
Palestinian Cabinet  www.palestinecabinet.gov.ps
Ministry Agriculture  www.moa.pna.ps
Ministry of Civil Affairs  www.mca.gov.ps
Ministry of Foreign Affairs  www.mofa.pna.ps
Ministry of Health  www.moh.ps
Ministry of Justice  www.moj.pna.ps
Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development  mopad.pna.ps
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology  www.pmtit.ps
Ministry of Tourism  www.mota.gov.ps
Ministry of Transportation  www.mot.gov.ps
Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture  www.pal-chambers.org
Plaestine Trade Center  www.paltrade.org
Palestinian Business Association  www.pba.ps
Palestine Information Technology Association  www.pita.ps/newweb
Palestine Hotles Association  www.palestinehotels.com
Palestine Insurance Federation  www.pif.org.ps
Palestine Contractors Union  www.pcu.ps
Union of Stone and Marble Industry  www.usm-pal.ps
Palestine Federation of Industries  www.pfi.ps
Association of Banks in Palestine  www.abp.ps
Palestinian Economists Society  www.palecon.ps
Palestinian Farmers Association  www.barce.ps
Palestine Information Technology Association  www.pita.ps/newweb
Traditional Industries Association  www.tamimi.ps
Union of Palestinian Pharmaceuticals Industries  www.uppm.org
Palestinian Furniture and Wooden Industries Association  www.palfurniture.ps
Preciuos Union of Preciuos Metals  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bethlehem Univeristy  www.bethlehem.edu
Beir Zeit University  www.birzeit.edu
Hebron University  www.hebron.edu
Al-Najah University  www.najah.edu
Palestine Polytechnic University  www.ppu.edu
Al-Quds Open University  www.qou.edu
Al-Quds University  www.alquds.edu
Jenin American University  www.aauj.edu
Gaza Islamic University  www.iugaza.edu.ps

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